Study Tour in Europe for the West African Power Pool


In April and May 2015, Technicallyours, Czech non-profit organization, organized two study tours for the African organization WAPP – West African Power Pool. WAPP brings together 14 countries in the West African sub-region with the aim of promoting reliable power supply and electricity transmission system.

The WAPP company representatives visited the Czech company CEPS, a.s., which develops and operates the electricity transmission system in the Czech Republic. The CEPS Company also co-organized the study tour. The aim of the tour was to get the WAPP representatives acquainted with the concept of controlling the transmission system in the Czech Republic and Europe, get introduced with technologies used and real operation of transmission systems, including specifics and issues of European electricity markets interconnection. The WAPP representatives especially appreciated practical information and experience gained by the CEPS experts on the way to a target EU solution, which is development of unified European electricity market. Part of the workshop was visit of the CEPS control room, including detailed presentation of real time controlling and interactive discussion. During follow-up workshops, representatives of the Energy Regulatory Office and the Czech electricity market operator OTE explained the Czech electricity market. The tour included also visit and discussion with the Czech company Unicorn, delivering computer systems for the power engineering.

Within the visit, high level contacts were established, which helps to further cooperation development with the West African sub-region and the WAPP organization. We would like to thank again to all participants for highly beneficial and professional approach and we are looking forward for further cooperation in this crucial field of power engineering.